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As the boundaries of technology are pushed to produce machines with greater efficiency, and the cost of down-time at an all time high, a need for accurate data on machine condition has never been so crucial. Taking time to perform a routine strip down of equipment appears a luxury of the distant past. In todays world Used Oil Analysis plays a fundamental part in the monitoring and prediction of equipment wear.  Modern scientific techniques for analysing oils can give us a surprisingly detailed picture of what goes on beneath the nuts and bolts.


Initially conceived to complement to our expansion into the Power Generation market, LabCheck is a Used Oil Analysis laboratory catering for customers in both the industrial and automotive sectors.


Whether you are looking to monitor:  Turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Engine oil, coolant or compressor oils we have a range of 52 Standard test suites we can offer.  


Alternatively if you have a specific requirement, we are able to tailor a package to meet your needs.


Sample results can be reported in a number of ways including a bespoke online facility, which allows the user to interrogate and trend data to their own requirements.


If you would like more information on this New and exciting facility please call us now 03300 555655.